March 2018 – Disseminating Synthetic Smart Home Data for Advanced Applications

We present a collection of new publicly-available datasets generated with SHARON simulator. Thanks to this software, researchers can obtain synthetic data suiting their specific requirements. Two classes of datasets are described: one extends existing datasets preserving the original statistical properties, the other is composed of simulations of virtual inhabitant-environment systems. Moreover, we induced behavioral drifts compatible with dementia symptoms, generating further datasets. We believe that these resources may help the progress of research, as long as new real-life high-quality datasets are not available.

Synthetic Smart Home Data for Advanced Applications

September 2015 – SHARON (Simulator of Human Activities, ROutines and Needs)

In a few decades, requests for assistance to the elderly will increase the already high health care costs. Within this context, a possible solution is represented by smart environments where services help dwellers’ life. The development of smart technologies requires large datasets for training, validation or testing. Since the data collection from real smart homes has high costs the ATG Group developed SHARON — a Simulator of Human Activity, ROutines and Needs. This simulator aims to support ambient assisted living projects, virtually reproducing environments and behaviors of the dwellers.

In “SHARON: a Simulator of Human Activities, ROutines and Needs”, the paper published in AAATE2015 proceedings, a behavioral model has been discussed. The model is able to reproduce decisions and human habits, starting from an available data set or an interview. Physiological parameters and habits are merged with a probabilistic approach, choosing the most likely activity. With respect to other behavioral simulators available in the literature, SHARON is focused on routines and activities generation, based on user defined high level parameters.

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