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Doctoral Dissertations

  • User Interface and Interaction in an Ambient Assisted Living System: Gestural and Vocal Interaction for the Inhabitant, Data Visualization for the Caregiver, HASSAN SAIDINEJAD – 2012/2015
  • Collection, Processing and Analysis of Environmental Domotic Sensors Data for Behavior Drift Detection – FABIO VERONESE – 2012/2015



  1. Independent Older Adults – A Characterization of Activities, Anomalies due to Inactivity and Non-Invasive Sensing Devices to Support AAL Solutions Development, SCARANTINO CARMELO – April 2018
  2. An Indoor Localization system for gated model villages , DANESE FABRIZIO- April 2018


  1. Badanti 2.0 : a Web platform for caregivers and families, MAKEN ALI KAMRAN – December 2017
  2. BRIDGeViz : a data visualization Web application for monitoring elderly behaviour in AAL systems, GOPAUL CHANDNEE- December 2017
  3. Development of a mobile crowdsourcing platform for urban accessibility information filtering, PISANI ANDREA- December 2017
  4. A path learning approach for building accessibility topologies, PECCINI ANDREA – April 2017
  5. A method for activities of daily living recognition based on Bayesian belief networks BENZONI MATTIA- April 2017


  1. A Graphical House Configurator For The Bridge System, DANILE SOLEIMANI POUR- December 2016
  2. Design e sviluppo di MEP-Game : un videogioco ambientato in contesti urbani 3D ricostruiti da dati geografici, DAVIDE ZANIN – September 2016
  3. The bottom-up approach for accessibility , VALENTINA BOLIS – September 2016
  4. Medicine Reminder for Independent Living Based On RFID Technology, LORENZO FRANZI – July 2016
  5.  Progetto e realizzazione di un sistema per il supporto alla navigazione autonoma di carrozzine motorizzate, LORENZO GRAZIANO – April 2016
  6. Development of an application for indoor navigation and deviation detection, REYHANE MONAJEMI – July 2016
  7. MEP-wear. Wearable devices for data logging about cities, NEZHDANA BOBROVA – April 2016
  8. Ambient assisted living : indicatori quantitativi per monitorare la routine di una persona, TOMMASO MOTTA – April 2016
  9. Design and implementation of a multimodal personal indoor navigation assistant, MOHAMMAD MEHDI JAMALI – April 2016


  1. Unsupervised Methods for Activities of Daily Living Drift Modeling and Recognition, ANDREA MASCIADRI and TROFIMONA ANNA – December 2015
  2. Design and implementation of a Siafu-based simulator for activities of daily living , CHIARA GALBUSSERA – December 2015
  3. Laurea Magistrale / Specialistica A framework for IndoorGML mapping based on PostGIS , YASHINTHA GOVINDARASU – December 2015
  4. Supporting indoor navigation for the elderly with semantically enriched maps, ROYA ZAMIRI AKHLAGHI – October 2015
  5. Design and implementation of a framework to generate synthetic 3D urban reconstruction datasets, BERKE CAGKAN TOPAS – October 2015
  6. Enrichment of city accessibility maps with crowdsourcing techniques, ANA-MARIA SALAI – October 2015
  7. Development of a Portable Auditory P300-based Brain-Computer Interface for Yes-No Communication to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, DE BERNARDI EMANUELE – July 2015
  8. Indoor Localization Based On Low Frequency RF Signals, MAMMADOVA LEYLA, CONSONNI DAVIDE – July 2015
  9. A set of tools for the collection of data about the accessibility of city paths and for the geo-localization of images using a 3D map, AVA VALI – July 2015
  10. Design and implementation of an interactive data-driven Web based visualization framework for sense making of elderly daily life, DIEGO BOGNI – April 2015
  11. Toward a mobile user interface for the personal mobility kit of the Alma Project, OKAN ÇOBAN – April 2015
  12. SHARON – Simulator of Human Activities, Routines and Needs: Analysis, Implementation and Validation, PROSERPIO DANIELE – April 2015
  13. Design and Implementation of an Interactive Data-driven Web-based Visualization Framework for Sense-making of Elderly Daily Life, BOGNI DIEGO – April 2015


  1. Accuracy-driven Hybrid Localization Method, MAJID FARZANEH – October 2014
  2. The System for Calculating the Optimal Placement of PIR Motion Detectors, GRULENKO VICTORIA, IVANOVA EKATERINA – October 2014
  3. Indoor localization based on low frequency RF signals, LEYLA MAMMADOVA, DAVIDE CONSONNI – July 2014
  4. A Survey on Indoor Localization Based on Smartphones, CINAR MERT – April 2014
  5. A wearable computer system for remote health state monitoring, ZYKOV ALEXEY – April 2014
  6. Prototyping a touch-based communication application for social support of the elderly focusing on UI aspects, ARLINDA IMERI – April 2014


  1. Design and implementation of an Android based personal indoor navigation assistant , FRANCESCO FONTANA, MARTINA GIANFREDA – December 2013
  2. Design and Development of a Kinect-Based Multi Purpose Gesture Interface for Fragile People , MAHSA TEIMOURIKIA – October 2013


  1. RSSI based localization for indoor application by using 868 MHz radio signal , SHAHNEWAZ ALI, MOHAMMAD ALI TABIBI – December 2012
  2. Integrated house automation system : reactive environments controlled through mobile interface , GUILHERME MUSSI TOSCHI  – July 2012