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The Assistive Technology Group (ATG) is a multi-disciplinary working group whose mission is to “Identify, forecast, implement, promote and apply, innovative method and technology from ICT for the development of sustainable solutions for frailty (disabled, elderly, difficulties, …) which guarantees the recovery of functionality, social integration, equal opportunities, health, self determination and quality of life” by also considering any significant aspect of digital inclusion (e-Inclusion). ATG gathers a set of competences from ICT, Design and Management acting on a quality of life projects; these set of competences is horizontal with respect to the considered mission, creating in this way a flexible and adaptive research and innovation-maker structure.

ATGroup cooperates and collaborates with enterprises, public structures, and organizations (e.g. no profit paraplegics and quadriplegics centers, residences for mental disorders) with two main goals. The first is to approach needs that, currently, have no commercial answers. In the meantime, the second goal is to analyze, identify, and design innovative solutions in the field of ICT. Just to mention some interest ares: behavioral drift analysis and concept drift, identification and monitoring of activities of daily living (ADLs), dependability, graphical applications, non-intrusive indoor localization systems, cooperative support to motor disability, ……